The Chosen One

Love came to me, my beloved, and placed its torch deep inside my being that warmed and illuminated the empty crevices of my heart.  Its
searing breath whispered the mysteries of life to me.  It said that life is divided into two halves; one asleep and one awakened.  The slumbering one only dreams of love while the awakened one feels love’s influence
that takes over the total being.  It led me to the threshold of love that ushered me into the heart of life.
My life became a lump of clay, moistened by love’s sacred tears and kneaded by its strong fingers; molded and shaped into whatever it wanted me to be.  I surrendered myself to love’s authority; its ecstasy, pleasure, warmth, sorrow, passion, and kindness; everything that the soul knows in silence but the heart was still in search of.  It found the secrets of life through the avenues of love.
You have, my beloved, enraptured my heart with your aromatic breath and sweet voice.  I can feel angel wings softly brushing against my cheek with your soothing words.  Love has captured me and brought me across distant seas to your shores, for I, chosen one, followed the love that my soul found for me. It is you, my beloved.

Featyred in "Poetica Magazine"

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