Young man, where do you fit?
Are you the right piece of the puzzle?
If you are qualified to fill your spot,
Will you try your hardest to live up
To your expectations?
Will you listen to your coaches?
Will you continue to improve?
Will you always think
You can perform better?
Will you have the confidence
To praise yourself for what you do,
And the humility to recognize
What you don’t do well?
Will you continue to work on that aspect?
Will you consider yourself a team player?
Do you consider yourself
A valuable piece of the puzzle?
Do you consider the other players
A valuable piece also?
Would you lift them up when they are down?
With men on second and third,
Would you swing for the fences,
Or just try to hit the ball in play,
And drive them in?
What is most important to you?
Home runs or RBIs?
Would you do all you can to be a team player?
If you have the right attitude and the skills,
You will be that valuable piece of the puzzle,
And the right placement that the coach has made.
The Hall of Fame is filled with players
With the right attitude that you must have.
Good luck, rookie.
Prove that
You are the worthy one.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

Thanx Nelson. There is entirely too much emphasis put on hitting home runs. When the team is down or ahead by ten runs, what difference does a home run make? Driving in the runners on base is what is the most important, and the most selfless thing that can be done. RBIs are what is needed.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

I just finished a poem a moment ago about weaknesses and successes and self respect.
Yes we start somewhere, we train, we always strive to thrive - be the piece to fit the puzzle and make a decisive mate.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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