Check Engine Light

A jolly good day for a drive,
A jolly good day to be alive,
To drive along a country road,
No clouds, no rain, no fog, no snow.
What a wonderful day today.
Oh no, not that check engine light,
That panic indicator from hell,
That worse than ever can happen thing,
That potential blowing up of me,
My car, the world, the planets,
Then swooping down and
Landing in the outskirts of hell,
The home of all check engine lights,
That devil’s advocate that haunts me,
Who brings all the weirdness to my bedside,
That evil repair shop guy wielding an axe
Who floats through my bad dreams,
That laughing clown that hates me,
Those iron fingers that pinch my butt,
That boxing glove that smacks me one,
That sock that chases me down the street,
That mad kitty cat with an evil smile,
That little hop scotch girl with a pitchfork,
That laughing devil dressed in angel fur,
All the afore mentioned and even more,
More fire to the fire and bad to the bad.
Maybe if I don’t look at
That evil check engine light,
It will go away.
Hallelujah, it went away.
What a wonderful day today.

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