Cold Cold Eyes
A story dripped in blood they are
Of warm days falling into the cold abyss
Of crushing hearts into a curdling scream
Of devil’s bluff and winding tentacles
Grabbing and sinking teeth into warm flesh
Of frightened virgins running away from witches
Of frozen eyes resting on a distant knoll
Singing laments to the ghosts of the apocalypse
A damp chill biting into the village
The festival of death with sabres waving
Spectral groans from the graves in the cold yard
The mouths of dragons dripping blood
The lady in black staring out into the night
Her cold cold eyes beating the drums of never
Her shapely legs casting voyeurs out to sea
Oiled with the cream of their melting hearts
Her tasty feet soaked in the
Spume of the serpents on the crawl
Those slimy creatures that sink beneath her
That circle around and show her the way
Those cold eyes shoot from frozen hearts
They laugh at all that is sacred and kind
They stare holes in hallowed trees
Those cold cold eyes, those devilish fingers
Those witch’s fists, those deathly drums
That pulse that runs with the devil
That pulse that laughs with the devil

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