Control, Life’s Commandment

The contour of the river bed controls the flow of the water that surges past the rocks; or it just lies still, silently sleeping in the solitude of the afternoon sun before sinking to the earth in time to quench the thirst of that lazy willow tree that hangs over the smiling water.
If it flows to the sea, the heat of the air gives birth to it again and in time sends if cascading back to the earth.  The water has no control of itself.  Like a Nomad, it wanders among land and sea and lives with the spirit of the clouds.  It remains at the mercy of Mother Nature, molded into whatever she wishes.
Sometimes she is kind.  Sometimes she unleashes her fury and robs the good earth of its bounty.  She has many moods that dictate what life is to be.
Unlike the water, man is blessed with his intellect to control his life.  Water is just mindless that waits for its next command.
Man’s power of reasoning gives him the ability to realize that he is the cornerstone of creation.  He is one step closer to finding his God-self.  He is like the river bed that controls the flow of life.  Whatever becomes of him is determined by how much control he has of himself.
If he relies on drugs and alcohol too seize control of his life, they only plant dreams in his mind as to what he wants to see, or helps him forget his painful past, or instills fear of what reality is perceived to be.  They long to replace the Holy Spirit, like the foam on the sea that longs to rule the motion of the waves.
A sober mind breeds pure thoughts; the foundation of truth; the framework of reality.

From my book entitled, "In Reverence to Life."

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