As the old man lied upon his deathbed, his smile was gleaming and his eyes were full of rapture.  His once boisterous speech was quieted down to a faint whisper.  His trembling lips uttered these words.
Immortality, the spirit of eternity, waits for me among the heavens and rewards me for my allegiance to my faith.  Where my faith was once an external curiosity, my religion now has saturated my soul and become my internal master to guide me to my next life.
As the wings of an angel enfold me and lift me high above the hills to that haven in the sky, rest assured my anxieties will be softened like a mother’s lullaby.  Her song of peace to me will calm the rage that lives within and like a phantom of the night, reveal itself in the music of the dawn.  It rises from the serenity of my soul that has been rescued by her tender touch.
Life is precious.  Life is a blessing put upon the earth, born from the pleasure of love.  Pleasure is an elation of the senses and a romantic poem about the ecstasy of life.  It is a life sustaining dream as long as I will live.  But, as the chronicles of time dictate, death is inevitable.
The Grim Reaper, donning the cloak of mortality, looms over my days, waiting to take me from my nest, to drop me into the abyss, longing to become the master of my waning days.  His ears will not hear that death is merely a threshold to another life; that the pain of death is only a short pause, washed up on the shores of time, as it launches you out to the sea of eternal life free of pain.
Those who mourn me lament the breaking of the strings that binds their life to me, that fraternal comfort that brotherhood provides.  They do not know that death is only a mirror of life until they see it for themselves.  Death is the philosophy of time revealed and the dawning of the hereafter.
When the laws of immortality are firmly entrenched within one’s heart, he can truly dance to the song of the wind, for the fear of death is an unwanted guest  that will move into his house, dominate his thoughts, and break his spirit.
My faith holds the keys to the gates of eternity, and my allegiance to it will open the door.

From my book entitled, In Reverence to Life."

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