Exoteric Eyes
Surface flashing with glitter and spice
Bright lights gleaming through the dark
Blue moons floating and kissing the sky
Beauty showering the hills with golden nuggets
And weaving devil suits with the finest threads
Nightingales singing over the hush of gloom
Blooming flowers peaking through the rubbish
Beautiful earth shining below the blue ceiling
Hurricanes hurling white roses all around
Jagged peaks softening like smiling dragons
Crevasses opening up to let the sunshine in
Sky divers diving with no wings attached
Rivers softly singing over long steep cliffs
Nations embracing nations with open arms
Peace is a new spirit climbing out of fairy tales
Glitter glitters as glamour glamorizes
Beauty is a shiny new cesspool
Judges swagger about with their exoteric eyes
Judgment is made while beauty stays outside
The whole is beautiful through and through
The ugly and the wicked are part of a rainbow
The inferior is a superior work of art
Its price tag is an indication of its buildup
Its shiny surface steals all the attention
Its drumming penetrates and agitates the ears
Its voices climb inside and take command
Its dominion numbs all the senses
The final verdict is “guilty”
Exoteric eyes are the
Judge of all

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