Happy Harvest Time
Happy harvest time, it will come again
Long shadows waiting just around the bend
Money seeds planted in the early spring
Ripen to give us our annual autumn fling
Happy times again in store for us
In fancy cars, no more getting on the bus
Life is easy as the sun and rain provide
Like nights of pleasure with a brand new bride
To sit by the garden and watch our money grow
Then gather it all together right before the snow
No need to work, just bend over and pick it up
Reality is just a dream, a cup of coffee without a cup
Then my alarm clock woke me from my sleep
“Get up, you lazy dreamer, you good for nothin’ bleep
Get to work, do you think money grows on trees?
Do you think life is as free as the gentle breeze?”
My philosopher alarm clock won’t leave me alone
If I looked inside of it, I’d find a heart of stone
Dreaming is so much fun, phooey on reality!!

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