Summer’s mantle leaning into autumn,
Expiring green of summer’s run,
Forests giving into chilly nights,
Shedding leaves unto autumn rites,
Forest floors from green to brown
As swirling leaves sit upon the ground.
Seasons roll into seasons with a gusto
With new faces and colors aglow,
A life expiring and another forming,
Summer’s end and winter’s warning.
“Take heed citizens of the earth.
Prepare thy place afore an open hearth.”

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

Thanx Charlotte and Nelson. That's what I love about Eastern Pennsylvania, the changing of the seasons

Charlotte B. Williams
4 months

Yup. One season expires as another beautiful one comes in. It’s quite amazing.

Nelson D Reyes
4 months

Done with lemonade. Looking to having bourbon hot apple cider! And cinnamon sugar donuts! If I could go out shop for them (KKreme).

I miss fall foliage east coast, so glorious where we used to be. Right around our house. Look out the window, out the door, views from all sides of the house I miss. Not much here in Southern California. Love sweeping the first fall leaves on the ground. The music rustling sound they make as if saying their last goodbyes. And sad part you bag them. Oh well...that’s why maybe I needed the bourbon cider.

Love your fall images. Thanks Robert. Enjoy writing poetry by the fireplace. Fireplace I miss as well.

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