Suns of the Day

Sun of morning’s dimly lit
behind perforated canopies of
faded red and diluted orange
metal clouds of brownish purple
rising from the tombs of the earth
remnants from the rite of the Macabre
shredded cloth volcanic steel
liquid heat from smoking mouths
sun of the dark pushing upward
sun of the daily westward travels
prelude of the celestial choirs
keepers of the faith of the seasons
heroine of the bitter roses
hands of the sleeping grasses
bakers of the naked fields
torches falling from the sky
heaters of the heated skin
summer’s inferno disciples
the good and the bad in flux
the giving and the taking
the granting and the plundering
sun of the sinking nights
the cooling of the furnace
the intruder of the depths
observer of earthly secrets
gathering of the weights
taking them to the skies
pushing into the early morn’
plotting the westward journey
sun of repetition sun of moods
sun of glamour sun of darkness
sons of suns of Mother Earth
and suns of her many faces

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