Fire To The Fire

Sensitivity is like a fountain of tears,
A journey into the depths of passion,
A look into the thrill of living,
A daunting ride without a driver,
A curious look into the darkness,
A subdued affair with the devil,
A scar from too much beating,
A lasting impression in the soul,
A forbidden zone unguarded,
A fuse vulnerable to a flame,
A fuse hiding from a flame,
A connection to its undoing,
A kindling that has to grow,
A fire burning out of control,
A need to douse the flames,
A frantic search for someone,
A someone to the rescue,
A someone to build a nest,
Who can see the flame,
Who can put out the fire,
Who wears a fireproof suit,
Who can’t bend nor break,
Who can absorb the punches thrown,
Who has no fire within himself;
Therefore he cannot
Add more fire to the fire.

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