Adrenaline Discipline

As the feeling of a new strength powers through the body, the desire to act upon it or not, weighs upon the discretion of the mind. Since animals have no reasoning, they act upon it with no regrets. If they have to kill, that is their survival method and obligation; therefore, killing is obligatory and the right thing to do.
But since we humans have the ability to discern what is right and wrong, we should act upon or reasoning which states that killing is wrong but to be done for survival only. Since we were created to be rulers of all the fish, birds, and livestock, it is right to use them for companionship, for subjects, for survival purposes; or to do what is necessary.
We should be able to be prudent and have a sense of future developments. The outcome of our decision should be in line with our future requirements and our conscience, our divine judicial system that is put in place during our formative years.
It is pleasurable to go with the flow of the adrenalin since it gives us a new vigor, but sometimes that strength leads us to an unpleasant ending. Sometimes we ride upon the flow for the sake of pleasure and sometimes to perform a difficult skill. If our decision helps us to advance ourselves according to what our conscience tells us, it is beneficial. If we go with the flow without thinking, it might lead us to places that we wish we hadn’t gone to.
Since the adrenalin flow is a divine asset, we must act according to how we are supposed to. We should have in our hearts the desire to honor what God gave us, since it is part of our creation.

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