Melodies streaming from the eyes,
sadness running through the lips,
the emptiness longing for an ear,
music wandering along
a broken boulevard,
wounded by a day in the life
filled with internal scars,
the desperate heart
looking for an avenue to run,
to shed its tears of sorrow,
music of the fragile rain,
the drama of one moment
melted down into music,
a sad testimony,
a touching tribute to the
beauty of the sadness,
the musicality of pain
with its hands that reach
into the heart and pull it out
and kiss the tears away
with tender lips,
haunting melodies,
harmonies floating
in pools of sound,
echoes of the past
mingling with the present,
the drama unfolding
as the music tells the story.
Oh sweet music, fruit of sorrow,
troubadours of rhetoric
with wings if compassion
that touch the soul
and manipulate the senses,
into thy depths we deposit
our hearts and souls.

I got inspired to write this when I saw the movie last night called, "Angel Eyes," about a trumpet solo, a conjuring up about the past. This poem is featured in "Page & Spine."

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Robert L. Martin
5 months

Of sadness portrayed

Nelson D Reyes
5 months

“Melodies streaming from the eyes,..
looking for an avenue to run,...
to shed its tears of sorrow...”

Deeply wounded. I am glad that music helped in the healing in someway.

Happy and sad memories are often reinforced by the music we relate them with, a predicament yet you listen anyway and find yourself smiling in the a bit touched for sure, happy or otherwise.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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