Into the power, that relentless pulse
That rides with the wind and noble gust,
Out from the mouth of the Almighty One
With fists of velvet and saintly drum,
Beyond the forests and over the trees
Where worlds divide by mystic seas,
Where music abodes with her helping hands
And avails herself to all demands,
As earthly thoughts call for celestial highs
A journey into the power beyond the skies,
The playground of the Gods of the highest order
That live in saintly homes beyond the border,
Where the music wanders from musicians’ minds
As thoughts set out on their upward climbs,
And finds beauty all dressed up in her finest wear
As she casts her knowledge into the melodic air,
Moving the piano fingers with the power of sound
And leaving the bewildered, bewildered all around,
I honor the Music Gods and what they did for me.
Led me into the power, then brought me back home.

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