Into the fires of the dark holes,
Through the valleys of the Sodomites,
On red hot roads paved in blood,
The land of the dead but the living,
Felines crawling out from the rocks,
Stretching out on ceremonial altars,
Sporting red lips and hungry teeth,
Creamy skin and succulent valleys,
The humans with cat like motions,
Poised for the parting of the thighs,
The ritual of the bestial highs,
The night of the human sacrificing,
The losing of the self into a maze,
Thrashing in a sea of perfume,
Of pleasure and trepidation,
Rolling with the rhythm of the thunder,
Feeling hips upon hips
And thighs upon thighs,
Falling deeper into the devil’s pit,
Feeling the heat of the entanglement,
Looking into her evil eyes
And smiling with her evil ways,
In love with my transformed self
That started with a curiosity,
A longing for the other side of love,
A testing of the dark waters,
A submerging into the erotic depths,
A pleasure felt excursion
Into the land of the Sodomites,
That ended with a kiss with the devil,
Went I and my lonely curious self.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

I sent you an invitation, but I guess it didn't get there in time. I had a great time. Wish you were there.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Glad you made back in one piece. And share this picture. Love it! Wished I had gone with you but I missed your invite. I might just have stayed there till that Fallen Angel Satan kicks me out! He could smell a Sodom and Gomorrah survivor/rival from miles away. :—>

Like. Thanks Robert.

over 1 year

Scary stuff for sure. I dare not go there LOL. But I like the poem.

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