The Semblance

Beauty with her enchanting smiles climbs into our beings and massages all our senses and leaves us yearning for more.  In her grasp is where pleasure prevails and paradise begins.  She takes us to rolling hills and warm springs.  She is an eternal longing that that has no end.   She is that torch that illuminates the inner domain of our heart.  She is pleasure that comes into our midst and reigns over the senses as she deems herself our eternal godhead.  She is our temporal religion as she comes and goes when she pleases.  She leaves us clinging to her image when she is gone, like sweet wine that lingers on our lips after we put down the vessel.  That enchanting place is where we want to rest our heads.
As we marry into that paradise, we find that it as common as the seasons that pass by.  We wake up and find ourselves married to the semblance and not the real person, who has needs to be tended to.  We were blinded by our infatuation with beauty.  Instead of it being the embodiment of holiness, it is life as it reveals to us that it is just life and how we were fooled by the power of beauty.  Something else lies behind it that demands our attention, dedication, and loyalty.  We were brought in to be intimate with another soul, and it is our duty to nurture that intimacy.  Even though we don’t feel like we did when beauty overpowered us with its charm, love is now different.  It is a need for man and woman to be fulfilled.   It took us to a different world then brought us back to reality.  The enchantment wore off, but isn’t love more than an enchantment?  Isn’t it something that keeps us wanting to give more as true love makes its demands?  By meeting the demands, we fulfill our obligation to keep love flowing.  We realize that enchantment is a temporary ecstasy and love is a permanent willingness to give unto each other.
As time rolls on, love keeps redefining itself as infatuation begins to fade and semblances become less important.

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