Little Drummer Boy
Rudiments my laborious task ahead
Mental spaces they wait to be fed
A vacillating tap and a gentle sound
A quiet spirit to lift off the ground
I feel my tapping ever growing stronger
A little baby boy for I am no longer
Now I can dance to what I have done
Rhythm comes easy and so much more fun
Now since I left my nest behind
With virility and precision the two combined
I kick the band way out into space
To hell with rudiments and all that pink lace
I am now a madman with
Drum sticks for the launching

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almost 5 years

ummmmm o.k. for all this wordly experience and knowledge you claim you poetry couldn't be any shallower.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I hope someday it will be as lovely as your's

Sparkle Poetics
almost 5 years

Lovely :)

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