Flat top haircuts,
Afros, shaved heads,
Long Hair, greasy hair, goatees,
Moustaches, long sideburns,
Jewelry for the tongue and nose,
Face paint, turquoise jewelry,
Volkswagen bus vans, tie-dye shirts,
Bobbie socks, nylons, long skirts,
Bell bottom trousers, discotheques,
The Boogie-woogie, Be-bop,
The Twist, the Charleston,
Betty Grable pinup posters;
I’ve seen them all
Come and go away.
I saw tattoos come,
But how can they
Go away?

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Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

Thanks Nelson. I hope the one who gets a tattoo thinks far enough ahead to realize that it will always be there.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Nostalgia, were the days! Flat tops! Yes I had mine cut flat top in the late ‘50s. I still have MM pin ups, though purchased here in the ‘70s. H-line shirts, banlon, short shorts. Love the twist and rock n roll!
Didn’t and don’t dig tattoos. Must be pain to get and more pain to get rid of!
Thanks for this happy picture of our generation Robert. Like.

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