The Runner-up

The Runner-up
Surge ahead with me, my friend
Push me to my limits
My untested self
An uncharted voyage
My body, that mysterious
Island beyond the mist
I am a unique creation
Stronger than I know
Keener that I know
Territories that God only knows
My brazen self, designed and molded
My spirit of a wild stallion
My mind of a seasoned prophet
All of these I have yet to be
But I know I can, such as you
One of us will win this race
To others, we are the weak and the strong
The champion and the incompetent
We both know we are the winner
The difference is only in the
Faithful and the faithless
We press on ahead in a dignified manner
Until we hoist the trophy together
When one of us shall be the runner-up
We know we are both the champion in our hearts

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