The womb, the exiting,
The breathing, the sounding,
The bewilderment, the fear,
The pain, the curiosity,
The adjustment, the anxiety,
The hunger, the contentment,
The weariness, the sleeping,
The waking, the fear,
The loneliness, the mother,
The love, the complacency,
The mimicking, the smiles,
The pleasure, the fun,
The toys, the fantasies,
The alienation, the adjustment,
The loneliness, the return,
The escapades, the testing,
The crying, the tantrum,
The atonement, the apology,
The approval, the love,
The independence, the curiosity,
The application, the knowledge,
The curiosity, the apprehension,
The faith, the resilience,
The trials, the introspection,
The venturous, the adjustment,
The lonely, the lovelorn,
The loving, the domesticated,
The paternal, the flexible,
The unselfish, the charitable,
The weary, the reflective,
The loneliness, the isolation,
The infirmed, the godly,
The preparation, the submission,
As the white wings of death approach.
Some say the cycle begins again.
Some say the cycle is over.

I believe the cycle is whatever God has planned for me. It is totally up to him. I'm not qualified to make that sort of decision.

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