Outside Mainstream
Outside mainstream is a lonely place
As it looks in at beauty on display
At all those contented people that
Snuggle up together in a cozy room
Gathered around an open hearth
Singing those empty songs and
Passing along
Worn out melodies and lyrics
Those cold songs from a warm room
Outside mainstream is where the artists
Those lonely men on the edge of genius
Live and write the songs they can’t sing
Those warm songs from a cold room
Beautiful melodies lost in an open sea
Forgotten as they sink to the bottom
Life is unfair as beauty lies only skin deep
Where it sits on its plastic throne
With its surface glistening in the sun
And its voices out shouting every sound
While judgment waits for others
To decide what beauty is
Mainstream is in its full glory as it
Grabs a hold with its tentacles  
And squeezes the life out of life
But outside of mainstream is
Where I still choose to live
Where I can still see and feel the beauty
That those lonely artists provide

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Thank you, Renata Martin.

Renata Martin
about 3 years

I'm using this with my students when I introduce The Outsiders tomorrow!

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Thank you, Mr. moonlight. That was a nice compliment. I sure appreciate it.

Mr Moonlight
over 5 years

This is divine, and speaks to me. I hope I can write as well as this one day.

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