As mountain crests summon the valleys
Catch my waters that run down to you
As helium summons the spaces above
All I have gathered will ride up with me
As patterns spread throughout the land
They travel the same road as before
When uniformity speaks to poets
“I am the culture and the poem
I am the keeper of the house
The ruler of all thoughts
The guardian to all
Who follow me”
Poets prepare their podium
To rise up and speak with loud voices
“Freedom is the breath of the breathless
The eye to the blind
The mouth to the mute
The ear to the deaf
The unlimited calling to the restricted
The escape calling to the incarcerated
The height calling to the earthbound
The rain calling to the grumbling skies
Stagnation needs its revitalization
Tradition needs to look to the future
Poetry needs its self-examination
Rules need their introspection
Rebellion needs to be heard
Thank God for freedom
To be the life of life”

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