In the Wilds

Out there in the wilds
where civilization is yet to be,
where the paths are
not yet paths,
where the trees grow and
wither away untouched by
human hands,
where the trees depend upon
the life of the other trees,
the laws of the forest
and civilization alike,
one hand helping another,
but where the creatures roam,
the mightiest,
the most contented,
then the weakest,
the forever cognizant,
the fearful, the nervous,
and yet also hungry,
and the infirmed
left alone to die,
Mother Nature at her nature,
her unmerciful laws
but her divine intelligence,
her obedience to the law
and her secrets of another
kind of pain and
the hereafter still unknown,
still a million miles away
from human understanding;
“How can one feel what
the other feels?”
She is the wild untouched by
human hands, unknown,
frightening but curious,
raw but sophisticated,
the land of divine intelligence,
of life and its sustainment.

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