Red Sky Flaunting

The boasting at the edge of dawn,
The artwork of a million hands,
Wearing flamboyant costumes
Of red, orange, and yellow,
Spicing up the mood of the day,
Pushing the sun into the waters,
Laughing at its weary falling,
Waiting to take center stage,
To outshine the heavens
And cast a light upon the clouds,
And step in front of the Almighty.
The pompous, the bold, the arrogant,
The proud, the snobbish, the narcissistic,
The beauty too beautiful to touch,
Too clean to walk upon,
Too pure to spoil with spoiled eyes,
Too perfect to call worldly,
Too high and mighty to speak,
Too proud to lie upon the ground,
Too conceited to be humble,
A beauty beyond all beauty,
The untouchable, the incommunicable;
Mighty sun, with your
Persistent flaunting and your
Head above the heavens;
You belong in the
Company of Mother Nature
And her earthly habitat.

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