Of love and the desire to keep it,
To chain it to your heart
And call it your own,
To reach out into the free air
And disrupt the flowing,
To deprive it of its intentions
And stifle the breath that it needs,
To own it like a miser and his gold,
To admire it and keep it
Away from others,
To give it a name called “Mine,”
To lock it in a vault
For safe keeping
In fear that it will wander away
And never come back,
To think it will favor someone else
Other than you,
That is selective and discriminate,
That you are not good enough,
That love is only for a
Certain kind of person,
A love that is
Broken down into segments,
Like an object made up of
Different parts joined together,
And you are the elusive part,
The one that will run away
And won’t let you cling onto it,
When all you have to do is
Let it give you the
Love of freedom
To share it with others.
Then it will stay with you
For the sake of love,
That universal,
Indivisible spirit.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

This is written about a girl friend I "used" to have.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Love it is. Made “King Edward to leave his throne”.
Love it. Thanks.

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