Bring forth thy sweetness and thy rage,
A wild dream portrayed on every page,
A romp into the wilderness in the mind,
A launching out into space of every kind,
A story of the first and never ending dream,
An eternal echo from the land of the unseen,
A naked melody running on its own free will,
A thought equipped with parchment and quill,
A primal symphony of sadness and jubilation,
A melodic portrayal from the book of creation,
A first in the ever sounding depths of nature,
A manifest drawn out in a perilous venture,
A losing of all earthy thoughts into a maze,
A ship heading into a port wreathed in haze,
A voyage into the unknown and the unheard,
And a brilliant success or an affair with the absurd.
Bring these all to the ear of my heart,
That I may hear music breathing on its own.

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Nelson D Reyes
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