Without Proof

How can you explain to the unbeliever who God is when we can’t see him?  How can you explain how a virgin could give birth?  How can you explain how the first man could appear from the ashes without being born?  How can you explain that Jesus is the son of God who isn’t of the flesh?  How can you explain all these things without proof?  How can we have faith in something that can’t be scientifically or logically proven; therefore, the Bible must be untrue?    How do we know for sure that all events on this earth happened that were of this earth, when logic had nothing to do with how they could happen?  Maybe the unexplained came from a celestial source.  How can we explain when God, the disprover of logic, was at the helm when he created us in an illogical way?  Creation must be illogical if there is no evidence of how creation existed without being created from another source, the force behind it.  
Our faith is based on what lies beyond scientific proof, that mystical force that is proven by the word of God, the one who set creation in motion, the one who we invest all of our faith and trust in.

Oh sweet mystery of life
Keep me at arm’s length
Keep thy secrets to thyself
Keep me enamored
By the unknown
Since love created it,
It must be worth loving,
Thy eternal God,
The creator of all

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