Like flies to decay
Like moths to flame
Attractions are somewhat death defying
Magnets to metal
And light to dark
What dwells within a wounded body
Dwells within the heart
The mind is scarce when facing a terror
Like lions and lambs life just isn’t that fair
Some were meant to be on top
And others left at the stop signs
Those chosen will fall
Just as those signs hold no eyes
The strength in a mind
The strength in a heart
Is where a being finds it can do anything
They don’t always play to a certain part
The leaders may lead
But the workers still work
Where would leaders be without people to herd
Without the control
The people and their strength
Nobody is nobody
There is no such person to train
Sugar to spice is not the sweetest combination
Neither is water to oil
So walk as though one is two and two is three
When the time is right
Everyone leads


Strength, Leaders, Months, Workers, Learners, Thoughtful

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