(Feat. Sara Nulph)

You’re not looking for something solid
I’m not looking for games
How could this ever be the same
So what do you say now?
I know how this shit’s played
It brings me shame
It brings me pain
What is this I ask of you?
What are you trying to gain?
With everything you do
You always find a way to make me pay
I guess it’s your lucky day
Yet it’s not
This is no game
You’ve already lost
You’ve lost this gain
I’m not crazy
Nor am I sane
I just have conditions
How am I to blame?
This heart’s too smart to tame
You leave now the way you came
Though it hurts me so bad you can never stay
Because you threw us, you threw me away
I’ve got a couple of problems
With the way you act
I’d love nothing more than to give you a smack
A slap
A steel knuckle pitch
But I can’t hurt you
You’d cry like a bitch
Stop this shit
Stop your games
One day
You’ll fuck with someone else
And you won’t get away
I’m letting you walk
I’m letting you talk
I’m better than you
You know that’s true
Push me down
Fuck me up
I don’t care as long as you shut the fuck up
I never wanted this to be
But you walked in and changed me
So now I’ll show you the real me
The one you’ve never seen
You’re no longer welcome
You know what I mean
So fuck your non-existent feelings
You’ve lost the person of your dreams
So who’s the lucky one now?
Who’s the one to blame?
It’s not my fucking fault
You thought this was a game


I'm so proud! My friend Sara Nulph came to me asking for help and assistance with a writing piece she had wrote. In the end, I adjusted it and then added a section of my own.
We truly worked together on this and it makes me so happy!!!! So here it is guys, enjoy!

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