I insidiously visualise the finish line,
Far from ambiguous I know this time victory’s mine.
To say I’m confident would be an understatement,
I’m currently the definition of complacent.
Inspiration and determination amplified,
Every small detail now feels as though it’s magnified.
A newfound way to conquer overwhelming circumstances,
Now every obstacle I harvest while my brain advances.
My vocabulary differs from the ordinary,
My thoughts are processed in a way that is extraordinary.
I extract the abstract illustrations from within,
Then try to translate into words the things that I have seen.
It is impossible to really explain my cerebrum,
Even if I were to inject my words into your eardrum.
I slightly feel as though I’m being egotistical,
Some people may agree but others call me mystical.

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Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
about 4 years

It is not a secret, this poem is extraordinary and well written.

about 4 years

Wow thank you, I like your work too so that is a big compliment to me :-)

Elouise Field
about 4 years

Hawk my friend, you have a wonderful way with words.

about 4 years

Aww thanks :-) I've only just started writing again had hit a brick wall for ages

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