there’s a love story in the world just for you,
it’s in a specific book i knew
i read it so many times
iv left it behind
id like to go back
but my heart was under severe attack
somewhere inside me
i can still hear it crying
but there’s a love story for you my child
iv kept it for a while
don’t be afraid, i know how it feels
to get a brocken soul in the field
that becomes  a broken heart
such unfaithful art
i tell you there’s a love story just for you my one and only
a boat that you’ll be rowing
i cannot think twice and love
same goes for you and the stars above
don’t give up, you already have enough
and yes i know what you re thinking of


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Shemené Kok
almost 5 years

you too! my inspiration lies in people like you , other poets that are as i want to be. thank you i wont stop writing.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Wow! You sure write a lot of poems. Keep up the good work


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