Back when it was still brand new
The shiny silver gleamed with pride
Of brand new possibilities
Whirring away further inside
It did well in selling itself
They all wanted it to their own
Though it was only meant for one
They all received a little loan
With it around, it began to seem
Like each problem would melt away
As the machine lost its gleam
Slowly, and by the day
Liquids poured down into its gears
To keep it bright and shiny
Without it, it seemed like all the years
Left its insides whiny
When liquids failed, a powder, then
And a hug for added effect
Something to keep it moving when
It had a problem to be checked
Meanwhile, they pushed it harder still
To receive all they could get
If it’s plan was to break down on them
They’d push it harder yet.
It never stopped for cooling down
Until the day it stopped forever
They shrugged and grabbed a better plan
Left it alone; a failed endeavor.


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