What all do you like to do?
Would you like to come and play?
I’ve got an interest set on you;
You’ve got a whole lot more to say.
Do you want to maybe come along
To the city late tonight?
I hope I’m not coming on too strong;
Can I share with you the lights?
Lets walk together; hand in hand,
Like when we children used to play.
This date of ours has sure been grand;
Lets have a little more of this day
Before I have to take you home
And be alone again;
Does the smile on your face ring true,
When I’m gone will it remain?
Let me walk you up into the light
On the porch outside your house.
It keeps us safe from coming night;
And keeps my hands out of your blouse.
If you grant me access, I’ll have a look inside;
But you’ve got a bed in which to lie.
Maybe I’ll see you again soon?
For now or ever, dear;


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Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

I like it

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