I’d like to return to the place, at the time
when the spark took leave of your soul, through your eyes;
won’t you put down your handmirror,
look at me like you did that day?
Before our spirit turned to game,
teasing, fighting for a place
to carry on, we play like
children, swapping strength.
It’s shameless, the way we
flirt, holding to a hungering
need that bites back.
With all the smitten memories,
our rest is never long before
brains catch up with the heat;
boiling over, I catch your mask
suddenly of fear;
Who are you?
A field of stars, it couldn’t be
any more now, in between
inches of space, that seperate
you from me.
Deflecting each away,
to stop the words I come to say;.
watch for me
walking the traffic’d streets,
a cityscape, a memory maze
working by ear, to pick up the screaming notice;
What you want out of me,
through modern, lingering
over past stages’ play.
As your hands grasp for me,
and your legs move away
I steady your face, asking;
“What do you want?”

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