When the dust has cleared
If I’m left alone
They’ll tell me I’m not
To throw me a bone
And say that there’s more fish in the sea
But only your scales gave color to me
Well then all I can do is get over it
And throw my emotions into a deep pit
Because that’s totally healthy, barring, of course
The lurking eruption
That will make it all worse
It’s happened before, it’s where I am now
But no one seems to get why I’m “having a cow”
I don’t want to know there’s people worse off than me
I want to hold on to what makes me happy
I don’t care that another will come up in time
Is my question of choice just not worth a dime?
It’s not like I grabbed you off of the street
I begged to get closer because you were neat
They told me I’d hurt if I took it too fast
Well dammit, I just want to make this one last.
I am the Ophelia to your Hamlet
I’ll drown in the madness
Your indecision beset
But maybe that comes off a little too strong
There’s just not enough time, it all seems so wrong
Shorter and shorter
It goes, faster than I say
An unruly disorder
Weeks gone in a day.
And weeks might just be all that I’ve got
To find the solution escaping my thought
But if I can not, what happens then?
This house will fall stagnant, silent again.


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Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

This is really good


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