A longing within the deepest of skin
Flows like a heedless stream,
For there we were, distant but sure
That all was like a waking dream.
I gazed in eyes that analyzed,
Processing what I contained.
I left a gift within a rift -
She flourished in what remained.
How could it be that inside of me
A mystery is left to explore?
‘Twas all unknown what I was shown,
Yet could swear I have known before.
Spiraling gently through passion you lent me,
I am consumed by a fire.
Heart in hand, here I stand
Frozen in the wake of desire.
Casting a web in midnight ebb,
Ensnared in a huntress’s trap;
To be devoured, to be empowered
As the strings which hold me snap.
Beyond the cells where beauty dwells
An intimate moment lingers.
Suspended in air by thoughts we share
It settles upon my fingers.
A kindling spark from a luminous park,
I send my love to the moon
So that all may see my reverie
In the smile where I swoon.
I rubbed my eyes in welcome surprise
And gave myself to the night;
Floating through clouds, swimming through crowds,
I sprouted wings in flight.
Touched am I by immortal sky;
Rouge embers in the dark.
I shall enhance a minute’s chance
A chimerical moment in a park.
Softly descending a moment’s ending,
I release myself to the infinite.
Always connected, by love directed;
Always existing within it.


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