I felt along the splintered edge of some segmented thought,
“What have I become?”
No linear expression, no logistical musings.
A mind drifts lonely as a disembodied echo.
A procession of waves; sea and sky, sea and sky.
The cadence seduces me into a state of absence,
Barely aware of the expanding threshold
Forming a singularity within my being– I no longer am.
Some assembling sound calls to me,
Enchanting a frame of reference
For which my intricacies could begin.
The ephemeral states of humanity,
The dissolution of order– chaos conquers.
Unconsciously I manifest a double-edged sword
To intrude upon you, to intrude upon me,
And bind you to our shared suffering.
We cannot escape the existence of one another,
For none shall resound, “I am an island,”
And all shall know, “In you rests myself.”
I observe the vibration of complexity
Upon the cosmic web.
The eight-legged beast of indifference
Spoke to me in symbols and paradox.
“Symbols and paradox we are,
Mere projections of insanity existing like apparitions
Proclaiming, ‘I delude the concept of life.’”
All the while, the dripping fangs
Twitch fastidiously upon the mouth
Of a many-eyed beast
Curving upward in a grinning snarl.
I refuse to indulge.
Even in the throes of some overwhelming force,
Stillness gently persists to show me
I am nowhere I have not willed to be.
I am nothing I have not desired to be.
In this is the freedom of Will.
In this choice resides the entirety of the universe.
Will as One with me, dear Light.
Pull a tiny thread from the carelessly woven fabric
Of some monstrosity’s web,
And learn its existence never was.
You are not here.


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