A rose sits in the windowsill
Like a whisper in a dream,
Observing while the wanderer rests
Behind a cosmic screen.
Enshrouded by the cloak of night;
Holding within a spherical light.
Flashes pulse across the skies,
Drawing within these questioning sighs:
  “Held inside a formless hand;
   Watching you as you watch me.
   The earth is shifting where I stand;
   We fuse systematically.”
Reflections of the moon
Shimmer in mellifluence.  
Observing the abstracted valley
As I step upon the shores of thought,
Embracing the oceanic tides that carry me out.
Deeper and deeper to wake the sleeper;
Diluting the waves infused with doubt:
  “Something sleeps inside this silence;
   Particles encircling matter.
   Now it is a subtle science
   To draw you near and watch you scatter.”
Motionless in a somniferous gaze
Undressing me in infinite ways.
I ready the ship to sail,
To drift beyond this tethering veil.
Smoking under muted clouds
Like a wind that prowls the night
Without so much as a word.
In pleasured transfusion,
Reforming illusion;
We’re drifting through a slight diffusion:
            “I’ll speak a thousand truths unspoken
             In hopes you hear but one;
             Healing what the world has broken,
             Wondering what I’ve begun.”
Love that lingers undefined;
Interweaving the unraveling of time;
The tilted face of inquiry,
Exploring you exploring me.
Remembering the light I saw
Within an orbital trajectory.
Shed the carapace of  lingering density
To expand with me in my intensity
Far from probing minds.
Fasten the locks and draw the blinds!
We’ll drift beyond the limits of form
To be impervious within the storm:
  “I cannot deny this urgent calling;
   Further within I go.
   Can’t you see that I’ve been falling
   Faster than my heart could know?”
I push the vessel from the shore,
Extricating the thirsting heart.
Always waiting, wanting more,
Forcing another swift depart.
Before I do what I have done,
Hold me still before I run!
The message thrums inside a hush
Streaming through an unshakeable rush:
  “It weaves within a lucid vision,
   Spilling through the opening eyes.
   Fractalized by our collision,
   Shooting across the stellary skies.”

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Sparkle Poetics
almost 7 years

:) Thank you for reading

Barb Clarke
almost 7 years

Wow, to embrace the cosmos, what a wonderful ride!

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