Diamond Sky

Just a shade deeper,
My diamond sky.
Eclipse these quiet symposiums
To shelter the stars ensconced  
Within perspicacious eyes,
Curious and verboten.
Shield from avaricious ones
The drifting touch
Across this externality;
Across the ulterior heart.
Embody this.
Keep prodding this.
Face what you are.
A chant rose unto the trees
That canopied descending knees
Joining a metamorphic earth.
They soaked in illusions,
Quelling emptiness in twisted exchanges
As tomorrow breached
With its driving waves
Another thing the body craved.
It was spoken freely.
As though no ears would ever
Absorb those contentions
Like some craving sanguisuge
Scratching at the door
Of a thing no words could touch.
A quietness and tension -
Refusal and suspension.
It kept its pace along the edge
Of the deep night.
Poets deserted by their words,
Looking out and seeing
The pulse of life moving and not moving
Like some time-lapsed indifference
While something greater sleeps
In the middle of the unknowable.  
No…no words could ever touch it.
The new craze of barren accounts
Of mass hysteria media
Preaching from a ravening nucleus
Fed by our emotions.
Amass, ye!
Anxiety, depression and more!
Walk the streets in warrior stance
While serpents await their precious chance
To drive their fangs in open wounds
As heaviness no longer suits you.
It comes in waves atop a limitless ocean
Pushing and pulling,
Expanding and collapsing.
You swim unclear
While it holds you near.
Just a shade deeper,
My diamond sky.
Shelter the stars ensconced
Within a nameless treasure.
Shelter the hearts still seeking
To see a brother for the light in him;
To see through to the right in him.
Enclosing -
Embody this.
It is a thing no words can touch.


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