A willingness to see anew
Hushed the mind gathering density.
I held my affliction by the hand,
So it held me by the throat.
Jaded and exasperated for far too long,
I felt a mighty call to arms.
Battling this over and over,
Learning the nature of its substance,
Pressing forward just because
Some part of me remembers
There is no reason to be afraid.
Love is what we are.
It came crashing with the dawn -
An incredible wave of attention.
The instability of a presence
Passed its flame to another candle.
A collapse in time shot me
Across an unseen plane,
Surrendering as the shift
Disoriented my mind.
I consciously keep my fingers in motion…
Don’t stop writing.
Don’t stop trying.
You feel what you god damn feel.
And it stings a little more
Than you remembered prior -
Just keep going.  
Caged inside a vessel betraying
Unquantifiable age,
Feeling the cadence of
The unified whole
As you are humbled over and over
And over again.
And you bear the marks of the winter—
Upon your skin,
Upon your heart,
Upon your soul…
And you are quieted in its value.
It is what it is.
What it is.
What is it?
A form of unspoken matter surges,
A catalyst to speak my mind.
I want this more and more as
You appear and disappear
In a rainbow-colored lens
That begins to distort the fabric of unreality.
Longing to love and be loved with such intensity.
Such fucking intensity.
Melting and recomposing;
Opening and closing,
Devoured and devourer -
The primal one I am.
Stepping through another shadow,
Discovering myself in each moment.
And it stings a little more than I remember.
But a willingness to live anew
Hushes the mind
Losing its gathered density.
-   SM


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