The palisaded space condensed
Beneath a silent, watchful moon
Illuminating the magnetized embrace
Swallowing resistance
The undeniable insistence
Closer in the opening arms
Bearing that which is beyond
The exigency of speech
Inescapable and libidinous
A moment diffused
Providing clarified insight
Of the whisper traversing my spine
Pulling me inside the gaze
That pins me in a thousand ways
Adhered in excited lingering
A complete suspension of time
The touch of respiration
Rhythmic draws of breath
Sensations passing
Tension amassing
Waiting while the stars unravel
The space inside of you I travel
Immolated and vulnerable
Burning in desire
Reflecting the look of timelessness
An impasse in my communication
Fragmentations upon my tongue
Gliding off the lips of silence
Sanctioned by poetic subtlety
Infinitely detonating from my heart
The particles of our oribital trajectory
Flooding me with want
Filling with intentions
Lost in the cosmically entangled eyes
That are right there
Right fucking there
And it delivers torture
And it delivers solace
Crossing the lines of transmutation
Sailing these hopes and dreams
Flowing upon the conscious streams
Aching in desirous waking
Stirring me from empty illusions
Imprisoning my language
Until I am disrobed by my intent
To speak and shatter the world
Storming through the valleys
Siphoning the oceans
Casting you as the sun; the moon; the stars
Extending love to make them ours
And in the rhythmic drawing
The breath of time suspends
Our palisaded space condensing
Beneath the watchful moon
Incinerated by the pause
Observing the effects of cause
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