We hide inside our separate corners
Waiting for the arrival of a sound
To set our feet upon the ground
Patient for an invitation
Smoldering in the silence
Melting through the barrier
Say it before I do
And shatter these illusions
Unsheltering the veiled mind
Reach through and touch it
Reach through and taste it
On the surface of my lips
Feel with me this collapse in time
Pulling the end and beginning
Into a singularity of intensity
Forever expanding in an eternity
Of pleasured sonancy
Feel the coursing of this heated blood
The rush to centers of release
To color the sky in every shade
To see right through the masquerade
The expanding passage of the eye
Pulling me deeper and deeper
To rest inside the quiet hush
Of crossing what we make of lines
The path I walked while searching
Clouds washing across the moon
Symbolized, averted gazes
Taking me through endless mazes
Bolder becomes my step
The force is flowing stronger
No, not a moment longer
Reach through…
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