A colonizing thought
Invades these very words.
I have never known
Anything quite so intense.
There is a tranquil voice
That passes through the wind,
Reminding me of choice;
That holds me as I bend.
A light that is diffused;
Smiling, confused,
Like all that shines within
Is coveted and used.
Releasing what has been gripping,
Withering and slipping
From my sanity.
I close my heavy eyes,
Seeking out the courage
To sail beyond the sun,
To end this long demurrage.
I see a thin reflection,
Becoming more unreal.
I fight to find the words
To tell you how I feel.
To quake the very moon
In the wake of furious love,
Displacing rhythmic tides
While it watches from above.
To touch with trembling hands
And place upon your skin,
A consuming, pleasured solace
And watch it soak within.
Instead it is a silence
That goes misunderstood.
So, I close my heavy eyes,
Listening as it pulses
Through a lingering disguise.
In the quiet night, shaking,
Assembling and breaking.
Longing to see the beauty,
Longing to know the peace
Radiating within me
Like it will never cease.
Standing still as silence
It sleeps inside my gaze
That blazes there before you
And incinerates my days.
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