Take a Moment


Take a moment
As the last chilled sunrise
Washes over the untouched forest,
Washes over the stargazer mountain
In Dawn’s bloom.
Take a moment to see
The crystalline water
Glistening in auroras,
Twinkling  like a gentle raga
As the fae gather
At the waters of Arnemetia.
Take a moment.
Take a moment.
See the rainbowed orbs
On the tips of green blades.
It meets our eyes,
And we watch.
It fills our ears,
And we listen.
Take a moment.
Take a step where the river forks,
And the circles of rhythm thunder
In the unison of a thousand hands.
Take a walk with me,
My wild and awakening dear.
Let the footsteps that meet the earth
Carry us to simpler things,
Carry us to release from the
Lines of taught tension
Too intense for our mouths to mention.
Let the pounding of our hearts
Join the song of the poets
Filling rays of falling light
With poetry.
Take a moment.
Take a moment.
Let every word describe the way
It feels to simply be here.
To simply listen.
To truly feel something.
To sit alone and watch.
To watch the birds communicate
In their way.
To watch people communicate
In their way.
To ponder what they might be thinking,
To listen to the youthful souls
Experience new things together;
To end a world of wishes
That fill the well of no one.
Take a moment.
Take a moment
So we can speak our minds
Without restraint -
To live and love
Without complaint.
Where you can know
That nothing truer
Ever filled an ageless one.
Motion to hand -
Hand to motion,
We could swim subaqueous
Through a cognizant ocean
Of our beginnings.
Take a moment.
Take a moment.
There are no barriers to what
Will spill from the tongues of desperate hearts;
What you will encounter of longing souls
As you come to know your own.
And they will see you have strength enough
To carry yours and carry theirs
While you desire for the stillness
That graces the rarest of days.
And I see it in the eyes that
Carry the world’s unabridged disclosures
As I carry yours and carry mine.
Take a moment.
Take a moment
To tell someone you love them;
To let them know they crossed your mind
To remind us of the true power;
That lives in kind words -
That lives in true words.
Don’t hold back,
My Dear One.
History rings with the echo
Of our meetings.
Choice is the gravity of our orbit.
Take a moment.

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