It has been an era since I have gazed
Into the mirrored eyes of morning.
The thought lingers in an ocean
Of fruitless expectation.
The yearning, thirsting shore
Waits untouched by equipoised waves
While a vacillating object commands
The blazing horizon.
Will and weakness converse
In contending ultimatums.
This silence for the greater good
Would shatter if I but humbly could
Words are such solitary things.
Splintering tranquility, that presence
Approaches with a bacchanal grin,
Blissful in reserved dominion;
Interrupting treasured frequency;
Injecting the flooding influence
That leaves me a haunted scavenger.
The pure delight of delusional flight,
I should have killed
What birthed that night.
Now I am just another one
That burns her soul upon your sun.
I cast you farther.
I build my fortress.
I plead to cease
And fucking desist!
I cannot stop...
I can’t resist...
Time ticks by so slowly...
Dark as the encroaching night,
Pure as an encompassing light.
I’m holding my breath,
I’m scared to death;
This conscience is calling you.
What has been stalling you?
Seeping deeper in this chest
To be consumed 'til I’m undressed.
I hold it in and grip it tight,
Another glance to reignite
While trapped inside this silent head
Suspended by a single thread.
Words are such solitary things.

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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


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