Suspended in the wonder of some unknown inertia,
Taken aback from some incinerating passion,
I came to know the impermanence of emotion.
Once writ in drops of water,
Now written in the celestial sphere,
I invite some explanation of desire.
Once a shimmering vestige, an evanescent echo,
Now a beckoning monologue, a blazing star.
I have not the will to fix my gaze on anything else.
The blue ocean - dismal in the wake of your opalescent eyes.
Stay awhile.
Teach me the topography of your heart.
Guide me through the garden of enticing spectacles.
For here I wait, tracing the veins of flowers with fingertips,
Occupying the silence of my mind with still anticipation.
Surging, bursting, filled with eloquent speeches
To fasten some hold upon the tenderness that reaches
And envelops all you seem to embrace.
Stay awhile. Speak to me of all things.
The beauty that you dream,
The cognitions that appear to stream,
And drift their way to origins
Where our paths did cross.
For here I wait, vulnerable, open and afraid,
Breathless and immutable,
Awaiting the melodies which spill forth
From parted lips dancing with the motion of speech.
The ambiguity of distance and faceless expression
Encases me between imaginative figures
Interacting with multifaceted possibilities.
Hands outstretched, exposed to all elements,
Reaching to embrace the core of cores,
I endlessly spin in the vertigo of your presence.
Ignited in the stirring of affection long since forgotten,
The ashes containing my fragmented self
Drift down from the heavens to settle upon stones.
Stay awhile,
That you may witness
The singular occurrence hunted,
Desired, elusive and inconceivable
Awakening and unfolding before those opalescent eyes.


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Cory Garcia
about 6 years


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