Woodstockian Observations

A little boy tied a green balloon around a tree.
He walked with honor and dignity.
A woman hugged a homeless man.
“I hear you. I hear you.”
Eyes quivered and shimmered with the winter spell.
“Oh, what astronomical hell!” she said.
Music spilled from the windows again.
The birds were so happy.
Some people were searching,
Looking with hungry eyes for anything.
Some people were not.
Some people were traversing distant planets
And other fragments of non-reality.
There were smiles.
There was curiosity;
Pulsations of growing desires.
Eyes became lenses to view another linear moment.
A mother scolded her child,
“Hush now. I’m trying to hear a story.”
The high-fashion crowd rolled in.
People shuddered and twitched with lingering aches
Like time collapsed full force on their bodies.
Doors interjected with chatter
To announce playfully animated characters.
I saw friends looking out for friends;
Looking and smiling and looking.
Two lovers sat on a distant bench
Eating ice cream over intimate conversations,
Watching the world go by.
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