On Friendships and Life
A true friend may be one
      in a billion stars in the sky
A needle in the haystack,
      a grain of sand in the beach
Making friends is like grabbing
      a moment as it goes by
From a chain of events
      that is seemingly out of reach…
Some of us get lucky
      and we’ve made friends early in life
Those friends will remain with us
      through thick and thin
If we are fortunate a friend
      becomes a husband or wife
Our lives are so blessed
      and filled with happiness within
As we get older,
      it’s harder to meet that one true friend
For how do you spot
      a solitary wave in the frothy sea?
So we wade, meet a wave head on,
      lest we be condemned
To solitude, doomed to be
      a lonely comet in the galaxy
For some of us who lose
      a good friend to the inevitable
Or perhaps a friendship sours
      and shatters beyond repair
The pain, anguish and sense of loss
      can be immeasurable
So we seek new relationships
      lest we fall into despair
But we are creatures of habit
      and we are set in our ways
We see all with tinted lenses,
      view others with reluctance
Others of contrary outlooks
      on how to play, pray or praise
And so chances of new friendships
      are met with resistance
The choice is ours, live alone
      and hope to be never lonely
Seek happiness within
      while never sacrificing our beliefs
Or compromise to meet one
      we can share our days wholly
Spend life with one
      who would know our joy and grief
© Vic A Evora...


When we were young, it was so easy to make friends. Our one criterion is that they want to play with us. Nothing else matters.

As we get older, making friends is next to impossible. We have become judgmental and subject would-be friends to pass our "crucible" before we accept them. Religion, poltics, even sports affiliation come in the way of making friends. Unfortunately...

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almost 5 years

Thank you for liking and faving my poem. Really appreciate it.I agree. People are getting more complex as we get older. As a young man, I used to go to bars and make friends almost instantly with everyone around. Now, the infrequent times I go, I sit in the bar and talk to no one, not even the bartender. Not their fault, of course, but my own

Parker Jennings
almost 5 years

As a person (see "young adult") who spends most of his time alone, it remedies me to read a poem such as this. Yes, as days go by people seem to get more complex.Nonetheless, life is more fun when you interact with others. That is something I motivate myself with whenever I feel social anxiety in the face of meeting new people

almost 5 years

Thanks for liking Charlotte.Yes I agree, friends must have things in common. At least a few things.

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

I agree it was easier when we were younger to make friends. I think people who have things in common make good friends because they have a better understanding of each other.

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