She clung to life, ever the fighter
To weather the storms fate threw her way
Give up? Never! For life must go on
Each and every breath! Every single day
For truly, every second’s a moment to savor
And every heartbeat’s a God-given miracle
Every day we’re given, to witness a sunrise
And every sunset, to experience the magical
We saw her suffer, full of angst we were
Tears unshed, bright smiles on our faces
Two thumbs up! Midst words of encouragement
But in silence, we asked for heaven’s graces
Always, a brave face we saw, above the pain
Smiles and laughter despite the indignities
Such is her character, the eternal optimist
In the face of challenges and difficulties
Her pleasant outlook in life; infectious
Thus, we saw life in rose-colored lenses
The future’s bright, full speed we meet it
Enjoy what life offers, with all our senses!
Sadly, our earthly sojourn is never eternal
She crossed over the threshold with dignity
But all our lives are better because of her
We hope and pray we’ll see her for eternity!
And we shed our tears when she passed away
Tears of grief and sadness, for ourselves mostly
For we’ve lost the rock keeping us grounded
But joyful, for she’s no longer in pain; finally!
© Vic Evora 03-21-2019

In memory of my sister who passed away last year. Her birthday is two days from now.


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Benjamin G. Sangalang
4 months

Very nice tribute in beautiful verses. Looks like she went in contentment and in peace. Condolence.

4 months

Thanks amigo. She suffered for many years, thirteen years on dialysis but she suffered gracefully. Whenever I see her she lights up the room with her smile.

Nelson D Reyes
4 months

Lovely remembrance for a dearly beloved sibling and family pillar of strength.

Like. Thanks Brod.

4 months

Thanks Brod. Yes she was the pillar of our family. The anchor.

Robert L. Martin
4 months

My condolences. That must have been a terrible time for you. Nice poem you wrote in remembrance of her.

4 months

Thanks Robert.

Barb Clarke
4 months

Sorry for your loss. Nice poem and tribute to your sister Vic!

4 months

Thanks Barb. It's been over a year but we still miss her, every single day.

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