The Kissing Booth

He saw her first at the kissing booth
There, at the university fair
He got a few bills left in his pocket
For he missed three meals square;
Gladly he gave up a couple of bucks
And kissed her!! Lips brushing her hair
It’s heavenly; and his heart skipped,
Beating wildly, as he gasped for air!
Her breath cool and fresh as peppermint
Her hair sweet-scented like jasmine!
She blushed, her cheeks turned rosy
The loveliest smile he’s ever seen
He felt ‘twas meant just for him!
So joy, bliss, all emotions in between
Engulfed him; this is ecstasy he ne’er
Felt before; for in love he’s ne'er been!
Her eyes were beyond description
Soulful yet intense, her lashes long
The rest of her? Simply indescribable
Beautiful, like lyrics of a love song!
That fateful night; he’s held captive
His life could ne’er be the same
Woes perhaps await; that much he knew
Mattered not! For his heart’s aflame
Thus he decided to take a leap
And if her heart he loses, it’d be a shame
His young heart will in many pieces be,
Shattered! Nary but fate itself to blame!
He waited for her till the fair closed
Alas! From nowhere a man approached her
Took her hand; they walked away together
His heart broke; the world became a blur!!!
Vic A Evora

Story is based on one of my many misadventures in college, modified for dramatic effect naturally. LOL. We all have our share of those I'm sure.

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