He saw her first at the kissing booth
There, at the university fair
He got a few bills left in his pocket
For he missed three meals square;
Gladly he gave up a couple of bucks
And kissed her!! Lips brushing her hair
It’s heavenly; and his heart skipped,
Beating wildly, as he gasped for air!
Her breath cool and fresh as peppermint
Her hair sweet-scented like jasmine!
She blushed, her cheeks turned rosy
The loveliest smile he’s ever seen
He felt ‘twas meant just for him!
So joy, bliss, all emotions in between
Engulfed him; this is ecstasy he ne’er
Felt before; for in love he’s ne'er been!
Her eyes were beyond description
Soulful yet intense, her lashes long
The rest of her? Simply indescribable
Beautiful, like lyrics of a love song!
That fateful night; he’s held captive
His life could ne’er be the same
Woes perhaps await; that much he knew
Mattered not! For his heart’s aflame
Thus he decided to take a leap
And if her heart he loses, it’d be a shame
His young heart will in many pieces be,
Shattered! Nary but fate itself to blame!
He waited for her till the fair closed
Alas! From nowhere a man approached her
Took her hand; they walked away together
His heart broke; the world became a blur!!!
Vic A Evora

Story is based on one of my many misadventures in college, modified for dramatic effect naturally. LOL. We all have our share of those I'm sure.

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Sim Evora
10 months

Awww...poor you!

over 4 years

oh wow...why did this one get me? i didn't expect really starting to see your voice the more i read of seem very defined and knowing of who you are and what you write...ugh..this one though its so playful yet so tragic...which of course i love...anything with duality...i eat up...and this does it perfectly ...seemingly so flippant and frolicking along and then in one verse you actually feel a lowness in your heart...because i think we can all say we have seen someone who instantly moved us walk off with another....the sad part being you don't even get the chance to be turned down..really loved this...also playfulness aside it actually had a lot of depth in the way it described love at first sight...or whatever it may have been haha....intense all the really well rounded poem with a little of everything...bringing a smile and a sadness..which me? all i can do is all sad or all happy...or bittersweet but never written it seems one of elation and laughter and then a fall...i must try this...sorry my comments can be so long..

over 4 years

Awww! Thank you Catherine. Like you, I love the duality of life, love, fate! At that very moment it happened, the character in the poem (me of course) felt like the world ended. But it did not! His life turned out OK. LOL

Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Back then it was so easy to fall in love. Us Prince Charming's were always in love! There was no tomorrow! So little time! And that's all the time our girlfriends gave us! Yucks!
Love those red hot lips! MM's? Like. Thanks Brod.

over 4 years

Indeed! During those years, it seemed that I was in love with a pretty girl every time I saw one. And rejection seemed like the end of the world. Hahaha!

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

I found this delightful though a little sad. I like stories that take you back to your youth. Although there were disappointments of some sort in all our lives it's still good to think back sometimes.

over 4 years

Sadly, life is full of disappointments; and surely I have had my full share. But then again, it is only with disappointments that we learn to appreciate life's many victories. My mother used to give me a spoonful of sugar (just like the song) every time she COERCED me to take a spoonful of castor oil.

Thank you for taking time to read this poem; I appreciate your comments.

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
over 4 years

Win or lose, the eternal battle in the game of love. What a lovely poem you created from this memory.

over 4 years

My teen years was a teeming fishing ground for similar stories. LOL

Thanks for liking.

J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

A lovely, yet sad, story put to poetry and verse. The description is wonderful. Nice job!

over 4 years

Thank you Jenifer. I posted another love poem called "All It Took" that ended quite happily. LOL

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